January 23, 2010. 3 new prints added. See Environments page.

April 17, 2010. VINTAGE MICRO TELEVISION page opened. In addition to micro television, post war black and white and early color televisions are shown. View my collection. Currently, 190 televisions featured.

January 26, 2011. Viewers Televisions page opened. You can send your favorite television photos and information here. Currently 40 collections.

October 16, 2011. Vintage Micro Radio page opened. A collection of my early childhood transistor radios. Currently, 9 radios featured.

December 30, 2012. New Index page in above tab navigating system. Now you can find the television you are looking for faster if not found in the search box, without searching through the entire site.

March 10, 2013. Classic Audio page opened. High end audio equipment from the 1960’s and 1970’s, photos, information are featured.

April 4, 2013. Visions 4 has a new look.

March 24, 2014. Chromatron page opened. The story of the Chromatron, from invention to realization.

April 4, 2014. One year after launch of the “new Visions 4”, we are averaging over 140 thousand views a month. Thank you for your interest. Update March, 2015, 241 thousand plus views a month. Update August, 2016, 290 thousand plus views a month.

August 18, 2014. is on Facebook!

September 3, 2014. Created the New page. Notices of new updates for all categories will be placed on this page.

June 1, 2015. New Vintage RCA Color TV page added. 1950’s and 1960’s televisions from my collection are featured.

December 22, 2015. New 4K page added. This page has information about Ultra HD television, also known as Ultra High Definition, also known as 4K.

December 18, 2016. Visions4 Magazine was redesigned to improve navigation and to expand the format with improved typeography, readability and enlarged photography.

January 2, 2017. Last year, over 2.7 million viewers like you, came to our site, our best year ever. Thank you for your support and the many comments. We hope to continue adding fresh new content and making your viewing experience better then ever.

May 15, 2017. New Vintage RCA Color TV Page Three added.

May 26, 2017. New DuMont TV page added.

June 22, 2017. New Gadgets page added.

August 4, 2017. “WE LOVE DOG’S” store opened.

August 12, 2017. New Resources page added.

March 7, 2018. New Movie page added.

April 11, 2018. New “Admiral C1617A Color TV” page added.

May 14, 2018. New “Westinghouse H840CK15 Color TV” page added.

October 19, 2018: New sister website “Visions4 Legacy” created.

November 15, 2018: New “Animation” page added.

June 28, 2020: New 4K Portfolio page added.

August 1, 2022: Westinghouse H840CK15 Serial Numbers List added.