Challenge Convention

The original interface was co-designed by myself and Jesper Bentzen of Anova in 2000. I was looking for a simple elegant presentation for my artwork and in 2002, Jesper took my ideas and created the magic with his expertise as a media arts designer. He has worked with clients such as Madonna, Cartier and Bang & Olufsen to name a few. Together, we came up with the design you see here. Orginally, the camera displayed artwork only, and I wanted to expand the site. It was difficult to code Flash, so we created the new Magazine format beginning October, 2009. All new content will be posted in the Magazine. A portion of the content within the Presentation interface remains to show the functionality of the design.
The camera navigation wheel is intuitive. Navigate the cursor over the camera lens and tap. Tap the white dots and they open and give you the content. Tap the up arrows to download the selected wallpaper. Navigate the cursor under the camera to adjust the volume or turn it off.
Update, December 12, 2018 the site is now offline, but you can try it here. Flash plugin required.
We made a short video just in case the archive disappears. Open here.