Welcome to our new Visions4 Magazine. That’s my buddy, Murphy with me. This magazine is intended to replace the original
Visions4 Magazine launched October 2, 2009. The new pages will be fresh and easier to navigate. Watch us as we add great new content.


CONCEPT: A CAMERA (the presentation) ROTATES, (like auto focus) CLICKS (the shutter) AND GIVES THE WORLD A TEASER ” VISION ” THROUGH IT’S LENS.


OBJECTIVE: Although the Presentation page is no longer active, we maintain its operation to show the design and functionality. I invite you to check the Presentation page to view interactive Flash content. Simply navigate and click. The white dots take you there. Then, come back here for all future updates. This new magazine displays my life long collection of vintage televisions and audio/video equipment.

My images can be downloaded to your computer as wallpapers, and we can provide you with high quality, full size prints to your specification. Contact us with you requirements. To learn more, see the Environments page.


BIO: Born and raised in Wisconsin, moved to California. I’m a veteran and later, pursued a career in real estate law. I also served in law enforcement and now retired. Now, I do volunteer work for a Golden Retriever rescue, time permitting, work on my artwork, photography and I’m also searching estate sales etc; trying to find that “Holy Grail” television for my collection.  We have had a life long interst in radio, television, gadgets and we began computer rendering in 1998 using Bryce, Terragen, Photoshop, Universe and other programs. Additionally, photography allows me to create artwork that I share online at various art websites as well as the linked sites here.


HISTORY: Originally, this website focused on digital renderings and images were presented in the Presentation, but it was difficult to code the Flash Presentation page in a timely manner. Now the site has expanded into other areas and this Magazine will allow fresh new content.


Thanks to Jesper Bentzen of ANOVA for site development. We started the Presentation site, Visions4 in 2000, and since then, the current version is the fourth graphical interface designed by us. Welcome to Visions4. In 2009, we retired Visions4 and launched Visions4 Magazine. Enjoy.  Start here

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